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Eisner Awards 2020 Judges Announced – Jamie Colville, Martha Cornog, Michael Dooley, Alex Grecian, Simon Jimenez, Laura O’Meara

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In the Press

Grecian brings his graphic and dramatic skills to bear in a harrowing psychological drama, narrated with a visual accuracy that is the stuff of nightmares.

- Booklist

With his artistry of painting a sense of place and time, Grecian delivers a compelling, twisty story driven by fascinating characters. The Saint of Wolves and Butchers makes breathless, gripping, up-all-night reading.

- Nora Roberts

#1 Bestselling Author

A new master of historical mysteries. Grecian builds suspense like a master architect designing a skyscraper, leaving no detail out. One of our favorites of the year so far.

- Crimespree Magazine

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